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Title: nice place  6/4/2013 5:24:42 PM
The other day i ordered lunch and i gotta say that was the best general tso chicken I've ever tasted. Plus their combos are cheap which was good because i didnt have a lot of money and they delivered it even though it was under the delivery minimum because the rush was over and they had another delivery down the street from me..,
Title:   6/24/2013 8:39:18 AM
I would suggest looking elsewhere in the CWE for chinese food as I really did not enjoy my meal. I got an order of General Tsos and Duck Fried Rice. The chicken was way over cooked and the duck fried rice had so many bones in it, I couldn't eat it because I thought I would chip a tooth. It also took over 30 minutes for me to get my order, which I thought was strange for chinese food. The staff is very nice but the food was very disapointing.
Title: Gourmet lover  5/30/2013 3:44:04 PM
As a new comer from China, I am so glad to find that Hon's Wok has the real authentic Chinese food i love. Their prices are very reasonable too. I saw online some people complain that their service is slow, but I never had any problem. I am happy with their food and service. Anyone loves real Chinese food should really try their food. I give them a five star.
Title:   5/20/2012 5:27:00 PM
When we first pulled up to the place, we got a good laugh, as it is located next door to a Cat Clinic. After the obligatory jokes about "General Meow's Chicken" and "Kung Pao Tabby" we went in to have lunch.The first thing to know about this place is to skip the stuff that is on the menu above the counter. Don't get me wrong - it's good, but nothing special. You need to pick up the paper menu and go to the section labeled "Authentic Chinese Dishes". There you find some real treasures, zooming with flavor and prepared perfectly. The Yu-Xiang Pork, Beef Tendon w-Noodles, Twice Cooked Pork, Poached Fish in Chili Broth, Ma-Po Bean Curd are all nothing short of amazing. Look around you during lunch: half of the diners are Mandarin speaking Asians and I promise you they are not eating sweet and sour pork.
Title: not pleased!!!!  4/17/2015 11:54:36 AM
My co worker and I ordered for lunch and were very displeased with what received....i ordered "catfish nuggets" and I received "cod", the fried wontons did not have very much meat...very unhappy about coworker wasn't pleased either...While we understand things happen, I should expect to receive exactly what was ordered...not to mention delivery took more than an hour...if this is how your business operates I will never place another order with your establishment..RespectfullyVery displeased....
Title:   3/8/2012 6:44:00 AM
I recently was enlightened by Tracey W. that I have been missing out on a St. Louis staple the infamous Saint Paul Sandwich.I went with 20 or so Yelpers to Hon's Wok for the Balls to the wall not in St. Paul, St. Paul Sammie whammy. I was excited as well as scared, honestly I had never heard of this mysterious sandwich that so many people seemed to dis.I went with an open mind and low expectations. I was trying to decide what to order the chicken, the beef, the shrimp, so I just went and got the mac daddy of Saint Paul, the special! I was nervous, what if I didn't like it what if I feel betrayed by Tracey and never trust her again, then I realized I paid like $2.80 for it and would probably not feel bad about tossing it if it was gross.It finally came out with the crab Rangoon I ordered and was all nestled in its paper rapper. I slowly opened it and was taken back by the shear ugliness of the Pattie, it was a little like a deep-fried cow pie, I know rite you are like Jeremy please stop now. But I threw my fear to the wind and smothered that bad boy with Sweet and sour sauce and took a big steamy bite. At first I was shocked that I wasn't spitting it out, I mean people were talking about how gross this thing was but I was really enjoying the salty sweet taste and then I hit the monster shrimp hiding inside and was like OK this is one bad ass sandwich. I felt like high fiving someone but I was to busy high fiving the saint Paul with both hands into my mouth. OK so that's my story on the saint Paul, I would most definitely go back for another but need to find someplace closer.I also ordered a combination plate to take home for lunch the next day of General Tso's chicken but tried a bite while I was there and it was pretty much inedible. When they brought it to me, the chicken was so crunchy that I could barely chew it. I ended up letting it marinade till lunch the next day and it was Delicious. But I doubt most people are doing this so yeah one star for too crunchy of chicken bits.Other than that I think everything was pretty decent, but I seriously told the lady at the counter to stock Black Cherry Vess from now on, seriously this is St. Louis!Thanks Tracey W. For making me come to this event even though you really didn't make me.
Title:   3/8/2012 6:25:00 AM
I have lived in Saint Louis for 32 years and never had a St. Paul sandwich. How did I ever do it? When I saw the posting for a UYE celebrating a sandwich, that I have been avoiding for 32 to years I knew it was time to give in and have one.A crowd of Yelper's meet at Hon's Wok, to experience the wonders of a St. Paul Sandwich. I relied on the guidance of experienced St. Paul fans and ordered the Chicken St. Paul. They assured me it would taste like a Chik-Fil-A.For those of you who do not know, the St. Paul sandwich is only available in Saint Louis. Who else would want to serve this sandwich? It basically is a egg foo young patty served between two slices of white bread. You can give your sandwich more flavor by adding, beef, pork or chicken. They then add lettuce, mayo, dill pickle, white onion and tomato as condiments. Mine did not taste like a Chick-Fil-A, but it had its own unique flavor.It was a little greasier then I'd like, but the Wonder bread soaked it up. Many of the other Yelper's that where enjoying their sandwiches, thought they needed more salt. I on the other hand, thought they were extremely salty. However, let me clarify that by saying, I am not a fan of salt, period.I also, experienced an Egg Roll which was fairly good for a fast food Chinese.The staff was friendly and very accomendating to our large group taking over their dining room for a party celebrating the St. Paul sandwich. Their customer service was so great, I'm coming back to try more of the menu.
Title:   3/8/2012 10:08:00 PM
Hon's Wok rocks my face off.They expertly accommodated something like 30 people in their restaurant with very few problems last week, and did so smiling the entire time. They didn't bat an eye at all the high maintenance Sally-esque requests for mayonnaise on the side. They just smiled and took one for the team, man.Their food is freaking GOOD, too. It's not freaking Ruth's Chris, people. It's a takeout Chinese place in St. Louis. As far as takeout Chinese in St. Louis, I'm willing to bet this is the cleanest and has the best service. Seriously. Context, people, context.I was extremely jealous when one of the Yelpers (who shall not be named) started chatting in... Mandarin?... with Mrs. Hon's Wok. I feel like maybe she told him a secret or some really good gossip that I missed out on because Class 4 languages weren't offered at my high school. Haven't slept since (the event at Hon's, not high school).Will I be back here? Sure. Although we must take into consideration that it's in the Central West End and it's a Chinese takeout place. But yes, I'll be back. Someday. And you should go there, too. Even though many Yelpers have written about their St. Paul, you can get a St. Paul at most Chinese places in St. Louis. There is nothing special about the Hon's Wok St. Paul, except maybe that you're less likely to get food poisoning than at other Chinese palces. Go ahead and get normal Americanized Chinese food here. Quick, cheap, and easy. My three favorite words.
Title:   3/7/2012 8:33:00 PM
I am giving them 4 stars (rather than maybe a more reasonable 3) strictly because they seemed to handle the sudden crowd from the UYE very well and they deserve credit for that. That may make little difference when you walk in, then maybe it's just your normal Chinese food place but there you go. I did order the St. Paul sandwich, something I had been looking forward to since I clicked I'm in. It had been years since I had my first and only one and while I remember it being just a blob of a sandwich, it was a good memory. I loved this one ... messy, the mayo, pickles, all falling apart, filled the right spot that night. I also ordered the pot stickers that were pretty good. It seems like most others liked there food but I also have rarely been to any similar place that stands out. Not worth a special trip but if you are nearby, why not.
Title:   3/5/2012 10:33:00 AM
I went to the Tracey UYE S.P.S. Extravaganza. Where were you? I ordered the "special" St Paul Sandwich. I was guessing this was the best way to go. It was okay. Pretty much what I expected. The mayo was a little weird. Hot mayo grosses me out.I think I've made this sandwich late at night after way too many vodkas. You go to the Philco (fridge) and start grabbing and frying. You bring it all together with about 3 eggs, throw it on bread and there you go. I like it on toast. Not exactly the same but similar.Hao had the hook-up since she speaks Mandarin, they had a little food conver with the owner. I know she seemed pretty happy with her food. Cherie, girl you had enough food for 2 days, your so little too. Darn you. That tofu dish you ordered looked good.I meet a new Yelper friend Tonii, if she puts the east side "like" event together I'll go. Venice Ill doesn't scare me.It is a cute, and colorful small restaurant. Next time I'm jonesing for a Vess peach or cream, I know where to go. The owners were very nice and they busted a move to get that food to the table. We did take up the whole middle of the restaurant. I give them 5 stars for their service
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