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Title:   3/4/2012 3:18:00 AM
I came here for the UYE. The event was AWESOME but the food was only ok.I shared a st. paul sandwich and decided it was too bland for my taste. Hoping for some salt and pepper, i remembered I was at a chinese place. I then looked for soy sauce. There was none at the table. I ended up stealing some from teh table over.The st. paul itself as really greasy and not extremely appetizing to look at. Maybe I should've asked for gravy... that could be my failure. Either way, I'll probably not want to eat that again considering how much amazing food is in this city. This alone would've earned this place a 2 stars.I also ordered a sichuan style spicy chicken. It came stirfried and very oily with green beans and rice. The beans and chicken were both pretty good... so maybe 3.5 stars for that.Also, the lady working the counter was really nice. She spoke mandarin and I talked with her some. I might come back to try more of her food just to see if there's anything I absolutely love. Maybe I'll get lucky? Who knows.All in all, decent chinese food on the chinese menu, pretty good service, and meh on the st. paul sandwich.
Title:   3/4/2012 2:58:00 PM
I liked the food at Hon's Wok! This was the first place I tried a St. Paul's sandwich and it wasn't bad! My vegetable Lo Mein was great and crab rangoon tasted as expected.They were kind of slow, but they were dealing with a group of 30+ Yelpers and they actually got it out pretty fast for being near the end! And plus they got the orders down stat! And the owners were very nice and thanked us for coming!It's a pity it's apparently dead any other day...
Title:   3/4/2012 2:48:00 AM
Sooooo this review has two parts:I saw a thread regarding st. paul sandwiches. So I commented and all of a sudden I'm at this Yelp event via an invitation by Tracey W. I went to the Red and Black Ball, but this was different, smaller and more interactive. At the Ball, I saw a friend and talked to him the whole need to mingle with strangers, lol. At Hon's Wok the group was small, maybe 30 people. A 1+ called me just before I was to attend the event so I brought her along, whew! Everyone that I met was so friendly. I had a good time. 5 stars for Yelpers. Now to the food......!!!!I'm a kinda a food snob even when it comes to inexpensive food. I ordered the shrimp st. paul (that was our purpose for being there) and vegetable fried rice. The shrimp st. paul was bland. I was disappointed because I only have those every couple of years. I have not tried the rice yet. It looks good with plenty of vegetables, but not too many. Having it for lunch.Noooooow, if you want some great "fast food, carry-out, Chinese food", you've gotta go over to the ill-side (Illinois). I mean like Brooklyn, Washington Park and East St. Louis, not Belleville or Fairview Heights.Now there are a few customs that you must adhere to for this great food:1. Although any place will have good food, knoooo where you are going. Don't get lost. Lol.2. Use the buddy system. Take a friend or 3 with you.3. Take cash. Most place will not accept a credit card.4. Remember, this is carry-out. You will not have a place to sit and enjoy your great meal.5. Get a Vess soda! Peach or Cream.6. And most important...Order your food and return to your car. There will be a lot of interesting people and conversations that you will want to avoid.IF YOU ARE DARING ENOUGH, YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED.
Title: No Delivery Again!!!  3/21/2016 2:06:30 PM
I have tried to be a loyal customer to them but have lost my delivery order over and over!!!! It either takes over a hour or doesn't get delivered at all!! I do not recommend using them. EVER!
Title:   3/15/2012 7:57:00 PM
Oh Hon, you have a good Wok!I only tried Hon's Wok because we had a UYE one night. I don't think I would have ever made it to visit Hon for any other reason. Thanks for hosting such a large crowd.I had the cashew chicken and it was good. Not the best, but certainly not the worst. I am not sure, but I think they used too much sesame oil or something because I could taste it way more in this dish than I ever have before. It was still good though. The Crab Rangoon was awesome! I will give that a 5 stars! So tasty and perfectly delightful.The service was good considering there were 20+ of us there at once trying to order. They seemed to have a good system down and the food was being brought out fresh each time. I think they did a good job.Will I go back? Probably not. Will I recommend this place? Yes. I think it was the typical "American Chinese Food" and I think people will enjoy it.
Title:   2016-06-15T11:31:18.738-07:00
Food is great but delivery took over an hour.
Title:   2014-10-31T18:59:48.623-07:00
The food is delicious. The guy that answers the phone is extremely rude and likes to get smart and hang up on you.
Title:   2011-02-28T10:36:25.319-08:00
Great service and great food. Thanks
Title: Service is awful  2/8/2016 9:20:12 PM
First time ordering from here, it was two hours late and the delivery guy didn't want to give back change (no we were not tipping this idiot). Second time I didn't get my tip out fast enough and the delivery guy called me a b*** for not tipping him. Needless to say I put the money that I WAS going to tip him back in my wallet.
Title: Great  2/14/2011 6:25:46 PM
This place is great~
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