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Title: Need CRAB RANGOON in San Diego!!  11/4/2013 9:47:11 AM
I am a born and raised san diegan, spent a lot of time in St. Louis because my dad is from there. This crab Rangoon is awesome. I wake up with cold sweats in the night craving it, just kidding. PLEASE consider shipping the Rangoon frozen, at least to me, lol. I am still trying to identify the local wonton labelled cream cheese wonton, they aren't even close to being in the same weight class. They resemble humiliated crab Rangoon:). Thanks Nikki
Title:   11/2/2013 7:38:33 AM
I'm actually a bit surprised to be writing a four star review for a dumpy little Chinese restaurant in a strip mall but they earned the review.I stopped in for a quick lunch and opted for the general's chicken. I'm not a fan of egg foo young so the St. Paul sandwich was never really considered even though it seems to be what they are known for on Yelp. The place was busy but there was only a short wait for my food to be prepared. It came out as a cashew chicken the first time and I received no push-back or attitude when I told the server that it wasn't what I had ordered. On the second appearance it was exactly right.The chicken was piping hot so I started with the fried rice. Initially, it seemed like average, run of the mill fried rice but I kept tasting something a little different and finally a few bites in it dawned on me - there was a small amount of ginger in there too. Great way to elevate a relatively pedestrian side dish! The crab rangoon were pretty good but nothing that different from what you can get elsewhere. Once the chicken reached an edible temperature I discovered that it was really good. Crispy on the outside and perfectly cooked and tender on the inside. The sauce was a bit thicker than most places but that just led me to pair each bite with some fried rice. I also liked the addition of green onions as it represented another little tweak to something that is widely available.I was out the door for about $7 and will certainly be back...
Title:   11/17/2013 8:47:45 AM
My current appreciation for Hon's comes down to one point: speed. I ordered online and arrived about 15 minutes later. As I approached the counter, my order was simultaneously being bagged. I left with a fairly large box of very hot food for under $6.This, in the world of take out, is about as good as it gets.I can't say that the hot braised chicken (the only dish I've yet to try here over the years) is the best in town (since the closing of the predecessor to Bamboo Bistro, I haven't quite found a good carryout replacement). The sauce, an unusually bright, smooth red blend, is a little heavier and a lot sweeter than you'd expect. The latter quality overpowers whatever "hot" element you might hope for. The result is far from unpleasant though... especially for under $6.Like similar places, there's little ambiance afforded by the strip mall surroundings, but that's not why you choose Hon's. If you're looking for very quick, pretty good take out Chinese, this is it. If you're looking for exceptional Americanized Chinese food, you might need to continue your search. (...or try ordering something other than the hot braised chicken...).
Title: Rude  11/15/2013 5:13:12 PM
I just placed an order for food. While calling the lady did not say anything about me calling a restaurant all she said was Hi and asked what I wanted. She then continued to talk to other people in the middle of me putting in my order and never told me the amount or when to pick it up. I've ate here once before and the food and service was great. Hopefully I will not be disappointed like this again.
Title: seriously? can you ever get orders right?  10/25/2014 3:37:42 PM
Every time I order, the orders arrive late and missing items, I will be filing complaints with the delivery service Grub Hub, VERY UNHAPPY AND WILL BE SEEKING COMPENSATION!!!!!!
Title:   10/19/2013 8:45:33 AM
This place is alright. The lady isn't always the nicest and isn't good with timing. The food is okay. Nothing fantastic or disgusting, just okay. My only complaint is that the cooks don't always move at an efficient speed. There have been times where I have called ahead, walked over to get it, and still had to wait an extra X amount of minutes until my food was ready. I don't think I'll be returning for awhile, seeing as to how there is a better one closer to me.
Title: RUDE RUDE RUDE.  10/17/2014 8:55:46 AM
I placed my order (I order from here often, but will probably NEVER again.) and then I received a phone call saying that they were too busy to deliver to me because I don't tip them enough. WHICH IS RUDE AND NOT TRUE. The first few times I ordered from them I only had big bills and they took my money and ran to the car. Didn't give me any change at all! MORE THAN A $35 TIP! So the next few times I only have them a little bit because I didn't feel that was right. So I called her back and told her to cancel my order and she goes thank you and hung up. I called back and they hung up on me. So I called back and told her the whole story and she pretty much called me a liar! What?! When I worked in the food industry we realized that the customer is your paycheck. You don't treat them like this.
Title: My Go-To Chinese Restaurant  10/15/2012 2:01:25 PM
I only order from this place. I've never had a single problem with my order, they are usually pretty prompt (20-40min) depending on the time of day I order. I've always enjoyed what I've ordered, but I always order the Chicken Pad Thai, my boyfriend gets the Special fried rice, and it's always good.
Title:   1/4/2014 2:15:36 AM
Convenient location, check. Great food, check. Big bang for your buck, check. What's not to like? In addition, they have Americanized Chinese dishes AND traditional Sichuan spicy dishes; all priced at bargains, and not to mention everything I have tried so far has been very tasty. I would definitely recommend the orange chicken, sichuan spicy chicken, and yu xiang pork.Picking up and eating there have been fast and friendly in my experiences. If there's one thing I would suggest, it would be better if the delivery was faster. However, I have noticed it's really efficient lately so I think the place has gotten their delivery system under control - keep up the good work!
Title:   1/4/2014 11:48:46 AM
What a wonderful discovery!I moved from LA to St Louis half a year ago. I love Chinese food. Wherever I go I would try all the best Chinese food. I've explored St. Louis area with quite a few Chinese restaurants, including LuLu's , the Mandarin House, P F Chang's., etc. Since I like spicy food, and authentic Sichuan food is my favorite.I am a little disappointed that all the so called "best Chinese food" in St Louis are just so so. Until a few days after last Christmas, I inadvertently found Hon's Wok at 4489 Forest Park. I've never heard of this small, plain looking Chinese restaurant, and never expected to have great Chinese food there. But what a surprise! They have some real good authentic Chinese food, especially the Sichuan food I love. Their Fish in Chili Broth is so good! And the price is surprisingly low. Other dishes I like including Yuxiang Pork, Twice Cooked Pork, Sichuan Spicy Chicken, and so on. This is definitely my favorite Chinese restaurant. I would give a five star and strongly recommend it to all real Chinese food lovers.
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